Climate crisis

Doomed to succeed as Human Beings?

15 september 2022 om 20u

Voordracht in het Engels

Every day we are confronted, directly or via the media, with the enormous destructive
impact climate change has on us, and, we as part of Humanity have our responsibility in this.
We will identify which mental forms and psychological patterns – such as egoism, separatism
and protectionism on governmental and personal level – hinder real progress to tackle the
negative spiral.

This talk will provide a look in our philosophical toolbox, how we can overcome these
expressions of fear and ignorance individually. One important tool for us as philosophers is
to live and apply human values and virtues – key to our inner growth and basis for higher
consciousness, how to do so is part of the talk.
We will have a look on how especially the climate crisis can serve us as a trampoline, as it
encourages and obliges us to accelerate what we call “Human development”, if we – as
humankind – still want to be here in some 100 years. We are somewhat doomed to succeed
in this transition to a new Humanism, so why wait if we can begin with ourselves.