The Spartan way

Mastery on all levels

20 mei 2021 om 20u


The Spartan culture has been mysterious and fascinating since ancient times. The historical descriptions
confront us with a vision of the world far beyond our today’s understanding, provoking irritated and
polarized reactions. One may associate cruelty, in-humanity, militarism and exploitation, while others
see self-mastery, courage, heroism and high sense for the community.

This lecture will shed some light on fundamental aspects of the Spartan existence, culture, organisation
and self-comprehension to first gather better understanding. What were the human values motivating
this people and what can we today practically apply in our modern context? Amongst others, we will
look at the value of initiation into the society and at the inner development necessary to become a
warrior. Within a modern context, this can help us to become an active citizen taking responsibility for
oneself and the entire society.